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2nd November 2011

Photoset with 20 notes

For my Documentary class, I’m doing a project on a social issue, and in this project I decided to shoot my friend Leah Bunnett, who is a 21 year old girl that is confined to a wheel chair and is trying to live her life independently. Leah is actually an ECE student at Loyalist College- which stands for Early Childhood Education and works at the local daycare in Belleville called Little Rascals.

I got the pleasure of being able to tag along with Leah and her family to Tyendinaga on Halloween to watch Leah participate and be a medal bearer in the Rick Hansen 25th Relay. It was a surprise for everyone when Rick showed up out of no where and made a special appearance, Leah was super lucky in that Rick actually joined Leah and wheeled up the hill with her in their chairs to the next medal bearer.

The whole experience was incredible! Watching Leah talk to a Canadian icon and hero was amazing! She was so happy and I was so happy for her! Rick was amazing, and I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to meet him in person as well. Talk about an incredibly interesting day!

I was also able to get published with 3 of my photos, the Intelligencer published 3 of them in a gallery online, and 1 was published in print - second page of the Intelligencer! Not too shabby I have to say, really proud of myself and my good friend Leah :) Really excited to be doing this project on her!!

The long term Documentary project will be narrowed down to 30 photos, should have it posted later on this semester.

Enjoy :)

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